Tutorials for everything in ClientLook.

  • RPR Commercial

    Webinar: Connect RPR to ClientLook

    Webinar hosted by ClientLook and RPR to showcase new integration.

  • TheAnalyst Pro

    Connect TheAnalyst® PRO to ClientLook

    Generate property analysis using TheAnalyst® PRO in ClientLook.

  • Connect RPR to ClientLook

    Connect RPR to ClientLook

    Activate RPR property reporting, demographics, and market analysis.

  • Webinar: Connect Buildout to ClientLook

    Webinar hosted by ClientLook and Buildout to showcase new integration.

  • Connect Mandrill to ClientLook

    Connect Mandrill to send individual emails using MailChimp templates.

  • Connect Buildout to ClientLook

    Learn how to send ClientLook properties to Buildout.

  • Send a MailChimp campaign

    See how easy it is to send a MailChimp campaign using ClientLook.

  • CRE CRM Debate ClientLook

    Great CRE CRM Debate

    Michael Griffin’s demo of ClientLook during the Great CRE CRM Debate.

  • virtual assistant update

    Log an update with the Virtual Assistant

    Learn how to use the Virtual Assistant to log an email via phone or email.

  • Commercial real estate property detail

    Property record overview

    Check out this overview on commercial real estate properties in ClientLook.

  • Add a commercial real estate property

    Add a property

    Learn how to add a property in the ClientLook Property Tracking System.

  • property tracking system

    Property Tracking System Introduction

    Watch an introduction of the new Property Tracking System by company founder Michael Griffin.

  • ClientLook Overview by Michael Griffin

    See a ClientLook presentation, including details of the Xceligent integration, given by Michael Griffin.

  • Google Apps for Commercial Real Estate

    Learn how to use Google Apps in commercial real estate.

  • How to succeed using cloud-based CRM

    Learn how to maximize success in commercial real estate using a cloud-based CRM solution.

  • How to use an iPad to run your CRE business

    Learn how to use an iPad to run your commercial real estate business. Become more mobile and stay productive everywhere.

  • Attach email to contacts and deals

    Discover how easy it is to attach email to your ClientLook contacts and projects.

  • Using a Virtual Assistant in the cloud

    Learn how to use the ClientLook Virtual Assistant for commercial real estate success.

  • Top 10 cloud computing strategies for Commercial Real Estate

    Discover the Top 10 strategies for using cloud-based technology in commercial real estate.

  • Participants login

    Invite outside clients to view your deals using ClientLook. See how easy it is to collaborate.

  • Assign a new company

    Learn how to assign an existing contact to a new company in ClientLook.

  • ClientLook Virtual Assistant Overview

    An introduction to using ClientLook’s exclusive Virtual Assistant team.

  • Invite connections

    Invite connections to join an internal community in ClientLook Scoop.

  • Add a Scoop update

    An an update to ClientLook Scoop to share with your internal followers or community members.

  • Activity feed in Scoop

    Communicate internally like never before using the activity feed built into Scoop.

  • Exporting data

    Exporting any list of contacts, companies or projects from ClientLook into Excel.

  • Join a community

    Join a community in Scoop – the corporate social networking tool built into ClientLook.

  • Add a community

    Add a community to Scoop – the corporate social networking system built into ClientLook.

  • View profiles

    View the personal profile page of other users in your ClientLook account.

  • Follow connections

    Follows connections (other users in your ClientLook account) to receive their updates.

  • Setup mobile sync

    Learn how to sync ClientLook with your mobile devices.

  • Invite deal participants

    Invite outside participants (like clients) to join your deal to collaborate online.

  • Deal activities

    Learn how to add activities to your deals in ClientLook.

  • Groups for deals

    Subdivide your deals for more efficient management using groups.

  • Searching for deals

    How to create searches for deals within ClientLook.

  • View your deals

    View all the deals you’ve created or that you’ve been assigned to in ClientLook.

  • How to share data

    Learn the basics for sharing data with other users in your ClientLook account.

  • Log deal updates

    Log updates to track activities, files and email for your deals.

  • Link email to deals

    Learn how to link email from any source to your ClientLook deals.

  • Create offline reports

    Learn how to create offline reports for contacts, companies and deals.

  • Add a new deal

    Add a new deal to track any type of transaction or assignment.

  • View your activities

    See an interactive list of all of your pending activities in the special agenda view.

  • Schedule an event

    Learn how to schedule an event to manage meetings and more.

  • Schedule a task

    Learn how to schedule a task to manage callbacks, reminders, etc.

  • Account login

    Your ClientLook is accessible anywhere online. See how easy it is to login.

  • View your companies

    View the list of companies shared within your ClientLook account.

  • Add a company

    Learn how to track an unlimited number of companies in ClientLook.

  • Add a company update

    Add a company update to track activities, files, emails and more.

  • Company searching

    Searching for companies is fast, flexible and easy.

  • Company groups

    Subdivide your companies using groups to better manage your data.

  • Add a contact update

    Add a contact update to track past activities, files, emails and more.

  • Add a contact

    Learn how easy it is to add new contacts to your ClientLook account.

  • Contact groups

    Subdivide your ClientLook contacts for better organization using groups.

  • Contact searching

    Searching for contacts in ClientLook is fast and easy.

  • Schedule a contact task

    Schedule a task for a contact in your ClientLook account.

  • Schedule a contact event

    Schedule an event for a contact in your ClientLook account.

  • View your contacts

    View the list of contacts in your ClientLook account.

  • Edit your profile

    Edit your profile in ClientLook to share personal contact details.

  • Add custom fields

    Customize ClientLook by adding custom fields to track anything you want.

  • Import data

    Import data from any CSV file into ClientLook. Learn how easy it is.