Xceligent integration

  • Connect Xceligent to ClientLook to unlock real-time research intelligence on over 1.3 million commercial real estate properties in the U.S.

    xceligent integration

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  • Instant property downloads

    Create your own property database in ClientLook without all the tedious data entry. How? Just enter an address to instantly download up to 100 fields of verified data for any property in Xceligent’s 50+ U.S. markets.

  • Connect people to properties

    Capturing property relationships doesn’t get any easier. Identify a property, specify a relationship and download the property from Xceligent in just seconds.
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  • Easy listing management

    Manage your company’s listing with amazing detail. Add a listing and relate it to an Xceligent property. Changes can automatically be sent to Xceligent research and CommercialSearch.com for the broadest national exposure. Market that!

  • Improve existing your properties

    Use Xceligent research data to “improve” any existing property record in ClientLook. Download missing property details and expose real-time research updates when you connect a ClientLook property to Xceligent.
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    property without xceligent connection

  • Property connected to Xceligent

    property connected to xceligent

  • Real-time research updates

    Stop doing property research so you can do more deals. Rely on more than 1,000 Xceligent researchers to deliver real-time updates for your ClientLook properties including current lease and sale availability, comps, ownership, tenants, images and public record info. This data is live!
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