Manage listings

  • Everybody struggles with managing their own listings. You want to track them internally, but also want to market them online. ClientLook has the simple solution to help you organize everything in one place.
  • Complete internal listing management

    Track every listings for any commercial property type. Maintain detailed availability, expiration and marketing information. Create custom fields to track anything you need. Even create pocket listings that are private to you or shared with a team.

manage listings

  • virtual assistant

  • Your listing secretary

    The ClientLook Virtual Assistant team is standing by to help handle your listing updates. Call or email them with changes to availability, pricing and term. They’ll update your listings and ensure that your changes get sent online to all your connected services.

    It’s like having your own personal listing secretary.

  • Publish your listings online

    Use ClientLook to manage all your listings, then publish them online to a growing list of service providers. Send to CommercialSearch, Xceligent Direct and Buildout to maximize your public exposure and marketing presence.

publish listing online

  • CommercialSearch

    Free marketing for your listings in this online public marketplace.

  • Xceligent Direct

    Display listings on your website with this utility from Xceligent.

  • Buildout

    Create high-quality marketing materials in Buildout.

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