Create your property universe

  • There is no easier way to create your own proprietary database of properties than with ClientLook. Import, manually add properties, or download from connected services.
  • property importing

  • Import properties

    One of the easiest way to jump start your internal propety database is through importing. Import your own properties or rely on the Virtual Assistant team for help.

    Convert from just about any legacy property database or CRM system. Rely on integration with outside services like Xceligent and Buildout too.

  • Manually add a property

    It’s easy to add a new record for any commercial property type. With customizable fields and pick lists you’ll be able to capture every detail.
  • manually add a property

  • relate contact to xceligent property

  • Relate a contact

    You’re on the phone with a client who mentions that he now owns a property in your market. Simply relate this contact to that property using the Xceligent integration, and the property is instantly added to ClientLook.

  • Download a property from a 3rd party

    ClientLook introduces a ground-breaking new way to add a property. By connecting to services like Xceligent, you can instantly add a property just by entering an address. Choose from over 1 million commercial properties in over 50 U.S. markets. It doesn’t get any easier.

download from 3rd party

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