Commercial real estate

  • Build your own proprietary commercial real estate database within ClientLook. Capture property features, availability, images, contacts and more. Connect with 3rd party services like Xceligent to make ongoing updates effortless.
  • Every property detail

    Maintaing your own commercial real estate database is one of the best ways to create a competitive advantage. ClientLook makes this easy and super intuitive. Manually add properties or download instantly from an integrated property research service like Xceligent.

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  • commercial real estate listings

  • Real-time availability

    View availability for any property. Track your own in-house listings company-wide. Gain access to real-time For Lease and For Sale listings through a connected service like Xceligent. Create the the most comprehensive commercial real estate database in your market.

  • Always have comps

    View comps for properties that you connect to Xceligent. This amazing real-time insight ensures that you always have the latest lease and sale transaction data at your fingertips.
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  • commercial real esate database - photos

  • Relate images and files

    Add unlimited images and files to your properties for the most complete commercial real estate database. Connect to outside sources like Xceligent for live imagery, floor plans and more.

  • Relate people

    It’s easy to create relationships between people and properties. Connect owners, tenants, property managers, brokers, prospects and more. See the list of contacts found in Xceligent and other outside sources too.
  • commercial real estate database - contacts

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